Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Warning: A Global Coup is Underway

A very important video uploaded on YouTube a few days ago:

The video is a production by wideawakenews.com, and basically outlines how the power elite are planning to plunder the entire world, and make every country bankrupt.

Very scary watching! We need to wake up!

We need to end the central bankster culture that is ruling this world, otherwise we all WILL become debt-slaves

The problem I have is this:

1. People in power are now making huge decisions and enforcing enslavement upon their people, without the people's consent. This change in the ESM is just one example.

2. In most countries there are only ever two parties who have any chance of winning an election (e.g. Labour and Conservative in the UK, Republican and Democrat in the US). The problem is that BOTH PARTIES ARE THE SAME!. One person gets elected, they do a bad job, so we vote for the other guy, who simply continues the work of the person previously elected. It is all a puppet show! Look at Obama, all he has done is continue the agenda that Bush was following. It is all a puppet show!

Everyone, please listen to me: We have really got to step up our efforts monumentally to get people awake to all this. We have got to use social networking sites, blogging, whatever to get the word out! If we don't wake up the masses then we can say hello to 1984. Please circulate this video far and wide! Please circulate it!!!